Monday, 4 March 2013

February Favourites

I use this every morning to lightly moisturise my skin, i find it helps to balance the oils in my skin so i hardly have a dry or oily day. Great everyday moisturiser.

I was a bit unsure of the smell wen i first got this at Christmas, but now i love it. Just a really good everyday lip balm, you can't go wrong.

This is used exactly how you would a hair conditioner, i use it just before i get out of the bath/shower and then rinse it off. It leaves your body very soft and moisturised with a subtle smell of roses.

 I don't necessarily use this to set my makeup i use it either before or after my makeup to give it a more fresh and natural finish. If it does make my makeup stay on longer then bonus.

You have probably all heard of the Real Techniques brushes and this blush brush is great. It's really soft and blends blushes perfectly.

My favourite lipstick in my collection that i slightly forgot about over winter and rediscovered in February. Very bright watermelon pink, i love this for going out at night but also great in the day to brighten up your look.

I haven't used many face scrubs so i don't have much to compare it with but i really like this. Its not harsh on the skin and i do believe it helps with my spots which is always good.